Rotary Dryer Process

Video of Musser Lumber Company's new Dryer Process.

Welcome Video

An intro video to Musser Lumber Company located in Rural Retreat, Virginia.

Trucking Video

Musser Lumber offers an efficient loading and tapping process for arriving trucks.

Dry Kilns

A brief video of Musser Lumber Company's Dry Kilns. Our Dry Kilns have over 700,000 BF of Kiln Capacity.

Processing Lines

A brief video of Musser Lumber Company's Processing Lines. Our 3 processing lines are capable of producing over 125,000 BF of lumber per day.

Green Yard

A brief video tour of Musser Lumber's Green Yard on the east side of the facility. Our yard stacks over 100,000 BF of lumber per day.


A brief video of Musser Lumber's office facilities. Our offices are home to some of the finest lumbermen in the business.


A brief description of Musser Lumber Company's Warehouses. Our warehouses are able to store over 3,000,000 BF.


A brief video of Musser Lumber Company's boilers. Musser Lumber Company has multiple top-line boilers.

Executive Team

Musser Lumbers Company's greatest heroes in action.

Hey, Have You Got A Minute?

Managing a business can be difficult sometimes. There are times where you should sit down and listen to your employees concerns. There are also times when you probably shouldn't.

The Exercise Cure

Sometimes exercise can be the key to a happy and successful business. Sometimes it doesn't work that way.