About Us

The executives at Musser Lumber have enjoyed nearly 50 years of selling lumber. The company has grown steadily over these years but it hasn't always been easy. Look below for a brief overview of the company and some pictures from the early days.

Musser Lumber Company, Inc. is first and foremost a family owned business. Initiated in 1968 by the current president, Mike Musser, the company has grown from a small sawmill operation to a state-of-the-art dry kiln facility.   For over 50 years, Musser Lumber Company has been meeting the lumber industry's needs through competitive pricing and a consistent dedication to producing top quality wood products.

From truckloads of kiln dried lumber all the way to custom orders of nearly any size and species, Musser Lumber Company is here to provide a top notch product with excellent service. Consistent with Musser's hands on approach to leading the lumber industry, we believe the best way to tell someone about who we are is to actually show them what we do.

50 Years of Progress






Pictures of Musser Lumber Company in 2003.


The company has grown tremendously in just the past 15 years.